“There’s a type of electronica that works well at a pre-gaming session; during that unexpected-but-much-needed one night stand and throughout a party aftermath the next day. A perfect example is “Refuse”—a new silky soultronic single from NYC-based duo Grumby that features sensual vocals from Hari Mint…” View More

BBC Radio 1

“Refuse” ft. Hari Mint put on rotation by Annie Mac on her internationally acclaimed show over at BBC Radio 1. View More


“Steeped in emotion, Grumby’s “Used 2 Want U” is a restlessly moody piece of electronic production. Beginning with harps and rich piano chords, the Brooklyn duo at first weave slow but heavy-handed drums into the track, before eventually double-timing the pace with energetic claps and rising percussion rolls…” Read More

The Deli Mag

“Mysterious Brooklyn electronica duo GRUMBY, who made our recent list of Best Emerging NYC Artists, produces evocative and free music. Emancipated from danceability and structural concerns, their tunes introduce the listener to a world of beautiful sonic encounters, unexpected aural developments, and tasteful textures…” Read More

Bushwick Buzz

“Last Thursday night at Baby’s All Right, the flashing lights against the backdrop of the stage smokily outlined the performers in flickering blue silhouettes, setting an ethereal vibe. When headliner Grumby hit the stage, recognizable chords to one of their very first tracks, ‘Mt Fuji’ came in hitting hard and bringing a full, organic sense to the song. It created a mood that was both dreamlike and vibrant within the crowd, who recognized not only the track, but the meticulous detail, creativity, and work that went into manifesting it in a live performance.” Read More


“These guys, like the rest of us 90’s kids, love to pay tribute to the smooth R&B/ jazzy hip-hop beats they grew up jamming to. However, Grumby makes us feel the nostalgia of the 90’s with an undeniable contemporary, electronica twist. They certainly have their foot in the door of the Brooklyn music scene with regular appearances at Pianos…” Read More


“And that passion is really part of what’s so wonderful about Grumby—a Brooklyn-based production duo whose first and foremost goal is enveloping you in their trippy beats out of a drug-induced dream… But if Mt. Fuji is any indication, getting eager ears shouldn’t be too much trouble at all…” Read More

Hilly Dilly

“GRUMBY might be an act new to some listeners, but the Brooklyn-based duo has been churning out ingenious works for over two years now, as they team up with fellow vocalist Häri Mint on new track “Refuse”. The distinct timbre of Mint’s voice on the track is what’s instantly noticeable on it, and, especially alongside the crafty, polished production put forth, it works well….” Read More

Potholes in my blog

“Full disclosure: I can’t get enough of GRUMBY. The tandem of Brooklyn-based producers supplied what still stands as one of 2014’s best tracks in “Used 2 Want U” back in May, but that forever-ago release hasn’t stopped me from returning to the record every few weeks. Yeah, it sucks that I can label a five-month time-lapse as “forever ago,” and yet that’s the truth when it comes to music/most everything nowadays.” Read More


“In anticipation of their upcoming debut EP Changes, Brooklyn production duo GRUMBY have released “Refuse,” a new single with singer Häri Mint. The track is delicate and delicious, offering unraveled vocal bravado atop quirky production that leaves listeners on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next development. Give me more GRUMBY. Give me more.” Read More


“New York City has a big up and comer on their hands in the form of GRUMBY. The group, a part of the artist collective halfbad, broke out with the moody “MT. FUJI” two years ago, and are now prepping for their debut EP release. Out September 15th, Changes includes an impressive selection of their original atmospheric tracks, including the EP’s lead single, “Refuse.”
Read More


“Fusing together IDM sounds with hazy, jazz-filled electronica often found in the production of many UK bass contemporaries, Brooklyn-based duo GRUMBY delivers Mt. Fuji – a mesmerizing single dedicated to the mystical Japanese mountain. Captivating listeners with a sturdy groove and lush sets of synths, the track bursts with raw emotion…” Read More

Reverb Nation

GRUMBY’s signature sound combines influences from jazz, R&B, soul, and world music evoking the nostalgia of the 90s with an undeniable contemporary, electronica twist. View More

“GRUMBY’s (@grumbythump) ‘Refuse’ is a superb piece of electronic soul.” View More


“With the upcoming release of their new EP on the horizon, GRUMBY are making a name for themselves with their vast mix of R&B and Jazz-infused anthems. They’ve already worked with Hari Mint. Not to mention found a fan across the pond in BBC Radio 1 producer, Annie Mac. Local Wolves spoke to them about their forthcoming offering and the artists that influence their songs…” View More


“A quick flip through Grumby’s catalog of mixes and original productions brings to mind Disclosure, not necessarily in style, but in their appreciation for decade-defying music. Their tunes are an unusual juxtaposition of 90s dreamscape of R. Kelly, and Destiny’s Child vibes, and hard hitting hip-hop beats; often paying homage to the past while pushing the envelop of contemporary EDM.” View More

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